domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Skyclad - Old Rope

Banda: Skyclad
Album: Old Rope
Genero: Folk Thrash Metal
Año: 1996
Pais: Inglaterra
Tamaño: 67 mb
Voz: Masculina


01. The Widdershins Jig
02. Skyclad
03. Spinning Jenny
04. Alone In Death’s Shadow
05. Thinking Allowed
06. The Wickedest Man In The World
07. Earth Mother The Sun And The Furious Host
08. Cardboard City
09. Land Of The Rising Slum
10. The One Piece Puzzle
11. Just What Nobody Wanted
12. Brothers Beneath The Skin
13. The Present Imperfect
14. The Cradle Will Fall
15. The Declaration Of Indifference
16. Ring Stone Round
17. Men Of Straw

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