martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Sonata Arctica - Deliverance (Best of/Compilation)

Banda: Sonata Arctica
Deliverance (Best of/Compilation)
Genero: Power Metal Melódico/ Metal Progresivo
Año: 2008
Pais: Finlandia

01. Mary Lou
02. The Gun
03. Peacemaker
04. They Follow
05. Out In The Fields
06. My Dream's But A Drop Fuel For A Nightmare (Instrumental)
07. Die With Your Boots On
08. The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me
09. The Wind Beneath My Wings
10. Fade To Black
11. Dream Thieves
12. Two Minds, One Soul
13. World In My Eyes
14. Draw Me (Instrumental)
15. Respect The Wilderness
16. Blank File (Live version)
17. Mary Lou (Acoustic version)

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